Motivational Logic

January 31, 2007

Motivational Logic

Logic does not motivate. When you offer people logic, they think – at best.

But they do not act because they are not motivated. Logic is not a motivator.

Any speaker who spends too much time on logic is not a motivational speaker.

No one will be motivated by listening to logic. Logic is not motivational.


George Torok

Motivational Speaker

What is a motivational speaker?

January 30, 2007

What is a Motivational Speaker?

The easy answer is:

A motivational speaker is a speaker who motivates.

Wow. Deep – but what does that mean?

A “speaker who motivates”.

How might a motivational speaker motivate others?

A motivational speaker must relate to the listeners. The listeners must see themselves in the motivational speaker. The speaker must not place himself above the listeners.

What can a motivational speaker do to motivate others?

The motivational speaker must offer the listeners hope. That is what everyone wants – more than anything else. Hope inspires.

The motivational speaker must inspire hope to be free, to be better, to be richer, to be happier, to be stronger, to be more successful.

A good motivational speaker offers hope.

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Dilemma

January 28, 2007

Motivational Speaker Dilemma

George Torok is often described as a motivational speaker. For many years he rejected that label by saying, “I have content.” George Torok did not want to be labeled as a motivational speaker because of the perceived stigma that a motivational speaker was only providing fluff.Right or wrong many organizations would claim, “We want content”, and then they would pay big bucks for a motivational speaker.

They might hire a motivational speaker who was a president, climbed
Mount Everest, lost a limb, won an Olympic medal, made billions, walked on the moon, or walked on fire.

All inspiring stories. All entertaining and instructional. All motivational.

George Torok has done none of those things.

However, audiences still describe him as a motivational speaker. Why? Because the stories he tells relate to the audience, gives them hope, entertains them and inspires them.

George Torok speaks about everyday people with everyday challenges and yes he has accepted the fact that he is a motivational speaker.

When you want a motivational speaker with practical business content,

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Motivational Speaker

George Torok