Reluctant Motivational Speaker

Reluctant Motivational Speaker

George Torok was often asked the question, “Are you a motivational speaker?”

When he heard that question he would indignantly reply, “No, I have content.”

As an expert in marketing and specialist in presentation and creative thinking skills he was proud of the content-packed presentations that he delivered. Listeners got a lot of practical information. He wanted to be recognized for his practical business sense. He wanted to be respected more as a business speaker – not a motivational speaker.

After all he figured – anyone could be a motivational speaker – they just give fluff. And George Torok was not a fluff kind of speaker.

I turns out that the way that George Torok presented his practical business lessons were motivational. The story-telling, illustrative manner and down-to-earth approach were indeed motivational.

And as much as listeners commented on the practical insights they got they also thanked him for the motivational presentation.

So, “Is George Torok a motivational speaker?” Yes indeed. He is motivational, educational, practical and realistic.

Ok, “I’m a motivational speaker.”

George Torok

Motivational Speaker



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