Motivational Message: Hope

Motivational Message 

What is the most important motivational message that you can deliver? The most important motivational message is one of hope. Hope is the motivation that business, political and religious leaders offer. That no matter how bad things might seem right now – there is hope. That things can and will change. That you can expect something better. That you are entitled to something better. That you can make things better. You have hope. 

Offer hope. If you want to motivate people to buy, vote, protest, contribute, or fight – offer hope. Hope is the most important motivational message. Check your motivational message for evidence of hope. 

George Torok

Motivational Speaker


2 Responses to Motivational Message: Hope

  1. says:

    I think hope without a motivation is won’t work
    my motivation to become a better person is help others, walk with faith in God and the Future.

  2. Hi George, Hope makes all the difference! Hope is the hand reaching down and pulling someone out of a pit of despair. Thanks for sharing.
    Sandy Hancock

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