Motivational Hunger

Motivational Hunger 

No question – a big part of motivation is hunger. What do you crave? What do you thirst for? What will you kill for? Imagine how motivated you are when you are hungry. 

The lead partner in a consulting firm told his new partner, “You eat what you kill.” The message was clear. If you want to eat – you better kill. It might sound more gruesome that it is – or maybe it sounds exactly like it is. Sell something and you make money. Wait for someone else to sell you and you starve. How’s that for motivation? 

Hunger is a powerful motivator. No surprise. In the movie Papillon you might remember how the hero, (played by Steve McQueen), was motivated by hunger to eat beetles and cockroaches.

Motivational message – you eat what you kill. If you are not hungry enough you might not be motivated. Hungry people are motivated. If you want to find people who are easy to motivate – find hungry people. If you want to deliver a motivational message – tell it like it is. 

George Torok

Professional Motivational Speaker


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