Motivational Speaker Reality

Motivational Speaker Reality 

The truth about motivational speakers is that no can motivate anyone else. As individuals we can only motivate ourselves.  What can a motivational speaker do for you?

A motivational speaker might touch the motivational triggers that we have within us. A motivational speaker must touch your emotions. Motivation is about emotions. And some emotions are easier to trigger than others. For example you can easily motivate someone by making them angry. Does that make you a motivational speaker?  Technically – yes – that would make you a motivational speaker every time you yell at your kids, threaten your staff or intimidate your suppliers. 

Motivating people with anger is the easiest way to motivate them. Kick some one and they will kick you back or maybe some one else. What do you want your motivational speaker to do for you? You probably don’t want the speaker to make people angry. You probably want your motivational speaker to motivate your people in a positive way.

You might even want your motivational speaker to unsettle your people in some way. After all – people only move when they are uncomfortable. We eat when we are hungry, stressed or bored. 

Motivation is about moving people. A good motivational speaker understands the triggers and dangers of motivating others. Check the reality of your motivational speaker. 

George Torok  

Motivational Speaker


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