Your Motivation is not my Motivation

Your Motivation is not my Motivation

Why is that so surprising? Because we assume that everyone or most think and feel the same way that we do. Therefore we assume that what motivates use also motivates you. When you think about it – it is silly. But when you realize the way we think and feel is it logical. We just assume that most everyone else thinks and feels the same way we do.That can be a huge mistake when it comes to motivating others. If you assume that they think and feel the same as you – you might never appear motivational to them. After you relate to them on the same levels the motivational value of your messages will sky-rocket.

A motivational message must be delivered in the language and perspective of the listeners. A motivational speaker must understand how the audiences perceives the message.

An effective motivational speaker understands that it is not about the speaker – it is about the listener and how he or she perceives the message of the speaker. If the listener feels motivated after listening to the speaker – then the speaker was motivational.


George Torok

Motivational Speaker


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