My Boss the De-motivational Speaker

My Boss the De-motivational Speaker


“Some one is going to get fired around here.”We heard those words flung about our small office so often you’d think we would have gotten used to it.  But each time our boss, we called him the alligator, roared his threat we trembled. We kept our heads down avoiding eye contact with anyone – especially the alligator.

Although aimed at no one in particular and everyone in general – the alligator’s threat was motivational. It tapped into the fear of losing our job. It also tapped the fear of personally facing his wrath. We each hated ourselves for thinking that it might be someone else’s turn to get flogged today.

Of course the alligator knew he was motivating for short term results. That was how his contract and rewards were structured. No surprise that we churned staff at a rate that would have made Attila the Hun blush.

Yes the Alligator motivated us all right – to get the hell out of there. The motivation was to find a new job before you got fired – or went postal. Fortunately lots left – no one went postal.

Were we motivated? Oh yeah! Our motivation was not to do a good job. The motivation was to leave as soon as we could and in the mean time not get caught or blamed for anything.

Now, where is my alligator gun?

Beware of the Alligator – the de-motivational speaker.

George Torok

A Motivational Speaker and a Motivated Entreprenuer


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