Motivational Weather: Spring

May 25, 2007

Motivational Weather: Spring

Why is spring so motivational? I am lucky to live in south-western Ontario, Canada which experiences four distinct seasons and I enjoy them all.

Summer is the time to sit outside, watch the garden grow, wear t-shirts and shorts and ride my motorcycle. Summer is less motivational than other seasons. Summer is the lazy relaxing season.

Fall is resplendent with the changing colours of the leaves. It is a photographer’s canvas. And the cooler temperatures arrive as a welcome relief from the sweltering dog days of the summer.

Then comes winter – the season so different from the others. The first snow always delights me. The touch of cold flakes on my face refreshes. Yes, driving can be messy and some mornings that chill is de-motivating. But that makes sitting in front of the fireplace so enjoyable. And the real gift of winter is downhill skiing. The thrill of racing downhill with cold air on my face is one thing I look forward to every winter. I miss it when there isn’t enough snow.

Then there is spring. Why is spring so motivational?

Spring represents new life. It starts with the crocuses – the flowers that foretell the coming of spring. They push their bright purple flowers through the snow. How do they do that? What a joyful motivation. Spring is the harbinger of new growth, new opportunities and a reminder to refocus on our goals.

Maybe spring is so motivational because it symbolizes that even after the cold and darkness of winter new life and new hope can spring.

Maybe spring is so motivational because we all need to come out of our cold dark periods and believe in new growth and opportunities.

Maybe spring is so motivational because the extra sunlight motivates us to be more positive and cheery.

I have always found spring to be motivational. How about you?

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Radio Show Host

Motivational Speaker Photo: George Torok in Action

May 13, 2007

dscn1658.jpgMotivational Speaker Photo: George Torok in Action

Motivational Myths

May 6, 2007

Motivational Myths

Information Motivates
The biggest myth is that information motivates. Information does not motivate. People who say they want more information before they make a decision are motivated by the fear of not knowing everything – by the fear of not being in control. In that case their motivation is to do nothing. Information is not motivational. More information usually strengthens an existing opinion.


Money Motivates

Money by itself is not motivational. There are a few motivational aspects associated with money. The strongest might be greed, pride and fear. Each of these emotions is motivational when it comes to money. But money does not motivate. Money by itself does not motivate. Money can lead to power which motivates.


Greed is a motivational driver to want more. Greed is the motivation that some connect with the concept of entitlement. Like the old royalty. I’m the King  – I deserve more.

Pride is the motivational driver that makes boat owners want a bigger boat. Money can be an enabler. It’s the end that motivates not the money.


George Torok

Motivational Speaker