Motivational Myths

Motivational Myths

Information Motivates
The biggest myth is that information motivates. Information does not motivate. People who say they want more information before they make a decision are motivated by the fear of not knowing everything – by the fear of not being in control. In that case their motivation is to do nothing. Information is not motivational. More information usually strengthens an existing opinion.


Money Motivates

Money by itself is not motivational. There are a few motivational aspects associated with money. The strongest might be greed, pride and fear. Each of these emotions is motivational when it comes to money. But money does not motivate. Money by itself does not motivate. Money can lead to power which motivates.


Greed is a motivational driver to want more. Greed is the motivation that some connect with the concept of entitlement. Like the old royalty. I’m the King  – I deserve more.

Pride is the motivational driver that makes boat owners want a bigger boat. Money can be an enabler. It’s the end that motivates not the money.


George Torok

Motivational Speaker


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