Motivational chicken and egg question

June 24, 2007

Motivational chicken and egg question


You know the old conundrum, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”One leads to other and one cannot exist without the other.Well a similar conundrum exists when it comes to motivation.

The question is, “What comes first, the motivation or the motion?”

Motivation and motion are closely related and interdependent. The words come from the same root. Certainly motivation leads to motion and motion builds motivation.

What comes first? It doesn’t really matter.

When you feel motivated you will move into action – motion.

When you are in motion already you will feel motivated – motivation.

So if you don’t feel motivated – move. Do something. Start something. Get yourself into motion and you will start to feel more motivated.

Doing things motivates. Resting seldom motivates you. Yes everyone needs a break but “break” is relative and a good break can just be a change.

When you want to feel motivated – move. Put yourself into motion. You might be surprised at how motivated you feel.

We feel most motivated just after we have completed a tremendous task. Right after I finish a marathon I feel like I can run another (not right away of course).

So when you need some motivation – move. Try your happy dance.

George Torok 

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Speech Coach for Executives   

Motivational Speaker: You talking to you

June 21, 2007

Motivational Speaker: You talking to You


Only you can motivate yourself. No motivational speaker can do it for you. The motivational speaker can only hit your motivational buttons. If you have something there you will awaken your motivation. If you are resisting then that is your problem. Don’t blame the motivational speaker.Your motivation is fueled by your hopes, dreams, and emotions. Motivation is not a product of logical needs. Logic does not spur motivation.For example; just because you need a job doesn’t mean that you are motivated to find a job. If you don’t want a job then you will find excuses not to even try. You might tell yourself that there are no jobs. That is a ridiculous thought because there are always jobs. Even when there is high employment there are jobs. Sometimes the jobs are just more difficult to find. In today’s economy there are lots of jobs – just notice the banners and signs that many companies have outside their place begging for applicants.

Yet despite the abundance of jobs there are still unemployed. There are the unemployed watching TV and just too busy to look. There are the unemployed who search the papers for jobs and mail their resume but frustrated at their lack of success. There are the unofficially unemployed who beg for money on the streets of our big cities.

They are not sufficiently motivated to find a job. They have set limits to prevent themselves from finding a job.

Their true motivation is to not work. They are more motivated to remain unemployed than to work. What holds them back? Fear! Maybe the fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of challenge, fear of learning, fear of criticism, fear of being imperfect, fear of failure…

How do you motivate these people? Hit them with a different fear. Stop feeding them.

How’s that for motivation?

If you want to motivate yourself identify your goal, your self-limiting fear and decide which is more important to you.

 George Torok

Motivational Business Speaker 

Host of Business in Motion