Motivational chicken and egg question

Motivational chicken and egg question


You know the old conundrum, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”One leads to other and one cannot exist without the other.Well a similar conundrum exists when it comes to motivation.

The question is, “What comes first, the motivation or the motion?”

Motivation and motion are closely related and interdependent. The words come from the same root. Certainly motivation leads to motion and motion builds motivation.

What comes first? It doesn’t really matter.

When you feel motivated you will move into action – motion.

When you are in motion already you will feel motivated – motivation.

So if you don’t feel motivated – move. Do something. Start something. Get yourself into motion and you will start to feel more motivated.

Doing things motivates. Resting seldom motivates you. Yes everyone needs a break but “break” is relative and a good break can just be a change.

When you want to feel motivated – move. Put yourself into motion. You might be surprised at how motivated you feel.

We feel most motivated just after we have completed a tremendous task. Right after I finish a marathon I feel like I can run another (not right away of course).

So when you need some motivation – move. Try your happy dance.

George Torok 

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Speech Coach for Executives   


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