Motivational Speaker Curse

 Motivational Speaker Curse

Are you a motivational speaker? I hear that question often. I used to cringe when I heard it. Why? Because, I wanted to be known for my expertise and content. My book, Secrets of Power Marketing, is a national bestseller and published in seven countries. My clients learn power marketing principles and are reminded of simple marketing techniques. Yet, they still want to call me a motivational speaker.

The image of a motivational speaker was not what I wanted to convey. To me a motivational speaker was all about fluff. A motivational speaker repeated clichés like, “Think outside of the box.” Or “There is no I in team.” A motivational speaker told the overused “starfish story” or the “lighthouse analogy”. They were both good the first time I heard or read them. But those motivational stories quickly lost steam as almost every motivational speaker repeated them.

It’s curious that even the biggest motivational speaker of all – Tony Robbins recently denied the label of motivational speaker. That might be hard to believe for all of you that read his books for listened to his motivational tapes. I was in the audience as Tony announced that he was not a motivational speaker. He was the “Why guy”. I don’t know what that means but Tony preferred that to motivational speaker.

TV has been unkind to motivational speakers recently. Jason Alexander starred as a motivational speaker in a failed TV series. And 60 Minutes ran a smear on motivational speakers. So who wants to be known as a motivational speaker?

I do. I finally realized that all the content, expertise and tips mean nothing if people are not motivated to act on it. You can give people information. You can load them down with statistics and data but if they don’t act – the information was wasted.

People need motivation to act.

Information and tips do not move people- only motivation does. And motivation can come in many ways but the common denominator is emotion. Emotion motivates. In fact motivated people twist the facts to justify their actions. And nothing happens without motivation. So, yes I am a motivational speaker. I help make things happen.

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Marketing Expert

Presentation Skills Specialist

Creativity Genie

Radio Show Host


2 Responses to Motivational Speaker Curse

  1. George,

    As I began reading your article, I was hoping you were going where you did.

    Kudos to you for knowing who and what you are! I was once asked if I liked being know as a motivational speaker? And my answer was a 100% YES!

    I’ve never denied that term, and I haven’t because I’ve been told by countless people that my story has not only motivated them, but inspired them, too.

    So welcome back, my friend, to the wonderful world of MOTIVATINAL SPEAKING!

    Success is a Choice!
    Education * Life * Career

  2. George Torok says:


    Thanks for your motivational message. Congrats on your own struggle and success. From reading your story on your website I can see that it is an inspiring one.

    Perhaps we might connect at NSA one time.

    George Torok

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