Motivational Speaker Questions

August 30, 2007

Motivational Speaker Questions

Hello. So you want a motivational speaker to speak to your group.

Here are some questions you should consider before you contact your motivational speaker:

Why do they need a motivational speaker at this time?

What do you want the motivational speaker to help you with do that you have not been able to do?

What is the motivation that they need most at this time?

What obstacles should the motivational speaker help them face?

How have they reacted to previous motivational speakers?

How do you need to position the motivational speaker so your folks get more?

How will you know if the motivational speaker was successful?

Ponder these questions before you call a motivational speaker. You will need to know the answers and so should your motivational speaker.

George Torok

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Motivational Insights for Entrepreneurs

August 27, 2007

Motivational Insights for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Enjoy these motivational insights from motivational speaker, George Torok. He delivers motivational keynote presentations for associations and corporations. He is hired for his expertise and remembered for his motivational messages. He is a business speaker with expertise in marketing and business growth – yet he is often quoted on his motivational insights.

If these quotes help to motivate you and your staff then feel free to repeat them. But be sure to quote George Torok as your source.

Motivational Insights from Motivational Speaker, George Torok

  “Running your business is a lot like running a marathon. You don’t build your business by sprinting. You build it by being steady over the long run.”

“You don’t need to do every little thing perfectly. You just need to do them.”

“There is a myth that if you do what you love the money will follow. You should do something that you love, but the money will only follow if you also do some things that you hate.”

“An imperfect system is better than no system at all.”

“Success is simple but never easy.”

“Some of the things in your business are frustrating, embarrassing and painful. That builds character. To build your business you need to build your character.”

“Talent runs hot and cold. Don’t rely on talent. Follow systems.”

“Success comes from doing little things consistently well over time. It’s not about the lucky break.”

“Building a business is a race. But it is not about a race to the finish line – it is a race to keep running.”

“Watch what successful people do and don’t simply copy them. If you do, you will always be a follower. Watch what successful people do and ask yourself, “Why do they do it that way?”

If you like these motivational quotes – use them – along with crediting George Torok. If you want your people to hear these messages directly then arrange for George Torok to speak to your team.

Motivational Insights from George Torok

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George Torok is a motivational speaker who specializes in marketing and presentation skills.

Canadian Motivational Speaker in Action

August 26, 2007

Motivational Speaker - George Torok in action

Canadian Motivational Speaker, George Torok, in action.

Motivational Challenges – Overcoming Obstacles

August 24, 2007

Motivational Challenges – Overcoming Obstacles


Motivation to Overcome Obstacles.


You need motivation to overcome obstacles. You don’t need motivation to do the things that are easy. So what qualifies George Torok as a motivational speaker?

George Torok became a motivational speaker because of the obstacles he overcame and the lessons he learned along the way. As a business consultant and speaker George knew that he was delivering practical content but what many listeners took away from his presentations was motivation.

So what motivational experience does George Torok have?

In high school he was a shy introvert who wanted to be high school president – yet he was ghastly afraid of speaking before the school assembly. He failed to even try.

Now he is a paid professional speaker who regularly speaks to thousands of people every year. He found the motivation to throw himself at the challenge of public speaking, despite many setbacks and embarrassing moments.

In high school he failed to qualify for the football team, so he joined the track team and gravitated to the cross country team where the nerds were. He failed to complete his first 6-mile race.

At last count George Torok has completed two full marathons, (26 miles), four half-marathons and five 30-K races. Persistence counts.

At the age of 20 he traveled around the world alone. It was a journey of 12 months that took him across five continents and through 22 countries. It cost him less than $4,600. True motivation comes from within – a belief in yourself despite all the odds and nay-sayers.

Early in his career he went through a rapid and unsettling succession of jobs. Just when he had a secure job – he left to create his own business. It takes a special kind of motivation to take the unknown fork in the road. Sometimes the unknown is less frightening then the status quo.

Without training in journalism George Torok created, launched and continues to host his own highly successful radio show. The show has been running for over 11 years. During that time he has interviewed over 400 business leaders feeding his thirst for motivation and knowledge.

George Torok graduated from university with a three year degree after six years of struggling and fooling around. He wasn’t dumb – mainly unmotivated. Somehow he finished despite the little voice and some professors telling him to quit. His marks were unimpressive – yet years later he was invited back to lecture to business students at that same university plus two other prestigious business schools.

Without training or natural talent for writing, his first book reached national bestseller status within the first six months and is now published in at least seven countries. Since then he has written over 300 articles and 400 blog posts.

A motivational speaker needs to understand pain, struggle and failure. Because from those things comes success. True motivation comes from knowing that you can get past the pain, obstacles and embarrassments. You don’t win all the battles but you learn to struggle and win some of them.

A true motivational speaker has suffered his share of embarrassment, failure and pain. Then he has the right to help motivate others. Maybe that is why George Torok is such a powerful and engaging motivational speaker.

George Torok

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