Motivational Insights

Motivational Insights

More motivational sights from motivational speaker, George Torok. Enjoy them and repeat them. Be sure to credit motivational speaker George Torok as the source. And when you want to hear these motivational messages delivered directly to your team contact George Torok at 905-335-1997.

Enjoy these motivational insights into motivation

Motivation moves people to act.

Motivation is never logical.

Motivation is why people climb mountains.

Motivation is why a person boldly stands in front of a tank.

Motivation is the flame of revolution.

Motivation is the only way to overcome your fears.

Motivation is always personal.

Motivation is the spark of innovation.

With enough motivation and enough time you can do anything.

A motivated person wins in the long run.

Motivation conquers most obstacles.

Motivation might not be enough by itself but you will fail without it.

Motivation can be the carrot or the stick – they both work in the short run.

Fear is the strongest short term motivator.

Hope is the strongest long term motivator.

Motivation is why people achieve the impossible.

Motivation can be contagious.

Motivation changes perspective.

Even a motivated person needs to be refreshed regularly..

Motivation is the oxygen of success.

Enjoy these motivational insights and perspectives on motivation. Feel free to write them down and repeat. Be sure to quote the source as motivational speaker, George Torok.

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