Motivational Marathon

Why do people run marathons?

People report that they climb mountians because “it’s there”.

So what is the motivation for one to run a marathon?

I think it is the personal challenge – the “its there” “can I do it?”

That might explain the first one. But why do people do it more than once? What is their motivation? I have run two marathons plus several half-marathons and five 30 K races. And I can tell you that running a marathon is about pain – alot of pain. The pain of training, running the race and recovering after – alot of pain.

Despite that pain I still run and I think I will run another race soon.

There must be a connection between motivation and tolerance to pain. Here is a photo from my first marathon. Do you see pain or motivation on my face?

My First Marathon

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Marathon Runner


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