Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

October 4, 2007

Canadian Associaiton of Professional SpeakersCanadian Association of Professional Speakers

The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) is the trade association for Canadian professional speakers. That includes keynote speakers, trainers and facilitators. The two things that the association members have in common is that they are Canadian and they speak professionally.

The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers is an association of experts who speak professionally. The expertise of these speakers covers many diverse fields – business, health, sports, family, relationships, communication, personal development…

Some members officially call themselves motivational speakers. All must deliver motivational messages to succeed as a professional speaker.

Many of these professional speakers are authors and prolific writers. The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers includes among its members Olympic athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, entertainers, PhDs, doctors, lawyers, accountants, media personalities, educators, inventors, adventurers, politicians, public servants, social activists…

Some of the professional speakers are disenfranchised corporate executives, managers and minions. Pain and anger can lead to a powerful message.

Some Canadian professional speakers are physically, mentally or emotionally challenged – just like regular people.

The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, CAPS, was founded in 1999 and at last count had 11 chapters across Canada. Those chapters include: Vancouver; Calgary, Edmonton; Saskatchewan; Winnipeg; South Western Ontario; Hamilton-Niagara; Toronto; Ottawa; Montreal; and Halifax.

The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers is a member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers. The IFFPS is a global organization with at least 10 international member organizations. The International Federation for Professional Speakers is like the UN of professional speaker organizations.


George Torok

Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)

Former National Board member of CAPS

Former Board member of CAPS Toronto