Motivational New Year

Motivational New Year

Are you motivated by the New Year?

The New Year is a motivator for many people. Some are motivated by the change of the year. Why does the change of one digit make such a big deal?

Some are motivated by the ending of one period and the start of another. Endings and starts can be motivational because they delineate time periods and therefore force us to measure and plan. This motivational aspect is especially evident in sports. How many points do we have and how many do we need to win?

A New Year is motivational because it suggests new opportunities. The New Year also suggests the possibilities that old problems will go away. A New Year offers hope – one of the strongest motivational qualities.

In fact I suggest that hope is the key motivational factor. Hope is why people climb mountains, start families, join clubs, invest and endure pain.

What motivates you about the New Year?

More importantly, what will you do with this new found motivation?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Motivational Year!

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Business Speaker


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