Motivational List

Motivational list for the New Year

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions make a list of the things that motivate you. Include all the things that make you feel good about yourself. Those things might be personal, altruistic, financial, physical and/or spiritual. But the ultimate payoff is always emotional. What are the things that you want to do that make you feel good. Examine that list and rate each as A. B or C. A for must do, B for should do and C for nice to do.

Then each week make sure that you spend more time and effort on A items than on B’s and C’s combined. Spend more time on B’s than on C’s

For example let’s assume this list of motivators and ABC ratings:

Of course your own list will look very different.

A – must do

Improving relationship

Finding new job


B – should do

Learning a new language


Volunteer work

Reading industry news

C – nice to do

Watching reality TV show

Drinking wine

Listening to favorite music

Reading fiction

Eating chocolate

Yahoo groups



Create your own motivational list of things that make you feel good.

Have a motivational and productive year.


George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Business Radio Show Host


2 Responses to Motivational List

  1. Jim Lockwood says:

    I like this idea. It means spending time on what is important. Thanks for sharing this on your blog.

  2. Glad to find your website which contains a list of motivational speakers in every aspect of life. Keep up the good work.

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