Motivation to buy lottery tickets

Motivation to buy lottery tickets

Why do people buy lottery tickets? What is the motivation to bet on such a long shot? One of the ways to examine and understand motivation is to review the apparent stupid (illogical) things that people do. 

Perhaps you buy lottery tickets and might recognize your motivation from this list.

What motivation drives people to buy lottery tickets?


The easy win


Reward without effort


It is my time

The world owes me one

I deserve it

My boss is an idiot

The “if only dream”

It’s only a few dollars


Somebody has to win

You must admit there is no logical reason to buy lottery tickets, yet every week people find the motivation to buy lottery tickets.

Look at the strange things people do. Examine their actions for the motivation and you will better understand people and how to motivate them.

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Motivational Thinker

Professional Speaker



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