Motivational Morning

February 1, 2008


Motivational Morning

Have you noticed that motivation can be a matter of perspective?  

It’s morning

Great – another day – I can’t wait to get started.

Rats – another day, another dollar – what a drag.


It’s snowing

Hurray I can go skiing.

Rats it’s a miserable day to drive.


A train

Wow – let’s count the number of train cars.

Damn – how long will this take?



He doesn’t want to buy. What do I do now?

Great! No need to waste time. Now I can move on.


The boss wants to see you

Cool. I can’t wait to tell him about what I’ve been doing.

Not today. I’m not finished yet.


Motivation is a matter of perspective. It really is about the glass being half empty or half full. Your motivation is about you. It’s not about the things around you.

George Torok

Professional Speaker

Motivational Speaker