Motivational Spring

Motivational Spring

Have you noticed how the approach of spring can make you feel better? I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and get to experience all four seasons – the best and worst of each. I enjoy every season. But there is something especially motivating about spring.

There are several reasons why spring motivates you. Here is my top-ten list:


  1. Longer days and shorter nights
  2. Warmer and promises of warmer temperature
  3. Stop shoveling snow
  4. Stop scrapping ice off the car
  5. Buds forming – the promise of new growth – new hope
  6. The thought that you survived another winter
  7. The promise of outdoor activities – motorcycle riding, gardening and BBQs
  8. The arrival of baseball season
  9. More pleasant outdoor walks
  10. Opening windows to let in the fresh air


What is your top-ten of motivational spring?

I suggest that you list as many motivational aspects of spring as you can – to revitalize, recharge and refresh yourself. Look at the list every day to remind yourself.

Get motivated – celebrate motivational spring.

 George Torok 

Canadian Motivational Speaker 

Marketing Expert and Author 


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