Motivational food

May 31, 2008

Motivational food

Actor, Jim Carey, is publishing a self-help book about motivation. Apparently he suffered from depression and when Prosac didn’t help, he changed his diet. In particular he ate more vegetables. Then he felt better.

Wow! What a revelation Jim. Imagine that. Eat healthy and feel healthy.

Simple lesson and a good one. Perhaps more people need to listen to their mother – “Eat your vegtables.”

George Torok

Motivational Business Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Motivation to go or to stop

May 22, 2008

Motivation to go or to stop

Motivation is most often assumed to help us start something or to keep doing something. That type of motivation is important.

However the motivation to stop doing something can often be the more difficult type to muster. Many of us have bad habits that get in the way of starting something important – such as getting healthier, building better relationships or improving our finances. Most of those important changes need to start with us stopping something we have been doing. And that change can require more motivation than starting the new thing.

Give yourself permission to be motivated to stop doing harmful things.

George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker

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Motivation: “Hello” could be enough

May 9, 2008

Motivation: “Hello” could be enough

I spoke with an old friend on the phone today. He apologized for not calling me for awhile because as he explained he did not have good news to report.

I chastised him. It was good news to hear his voice. I didn’t care about his investment issues which seemed to consume him for the past two years. I cared about our friendship. I did not judge the quality of our conversations on the level of stress in his life or the return on his investments. I just wanted to connect with an old friend. To say hello, to tell him that I miss him, and I value our friendship.

“Hello” could be enough.

George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker


Motivate youself – three steps

May 5, 2008

Motivate yourself – three steps

Everyone has down days. That’s normal. What’s not normal is to stay down. How do you motivate youself on those down days? Start by changing your physical position.

Stand up. Look up. Stretch up.

Hold that position for 10 seconds and you will be suprised at the difference in your disposition.

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker