Motivating students to learn

Motivating students to learn

Teaching students can be both rewarding and frustrating. Tapping into their motivations is key to the learning process because it’s not what you teach that counts – it’s what they learn.

How do you motivate students?

Here’s a comprehensive article that offers 101 ideas for motivating students.

100+ Motivational Techniques to Take Learning to the Next Level

By Christina Laun

Read the full article here.


A few excerpts that resonated with me:

Make sure students know what to expect. When students know exactly what is expected of them, it makes it easier for them to meet those goals and they may be more motivated to do so.

Don’t over teach. Just because you know a lot about a certain subject doesn’t mean that you should share all the information with your students. Telling them too much can overwhem and confuse them. Let students come to you if they are interested in learning more.

Tell a story. Many students respond better to narratives rather than facts that have been linked together. The human interest or story behind the events makes things more interesting and encourages students to pay attention to topics they might otherwise want to disregard.

Create an environment where students want to learn. If students feel intimidated or uncomfortable in the learning environment in your room, they are much less likely to participate, take chances or go out of their way to learn anything. Make every attempt to create a classroom where students feel they can learn.

George Torok


One Response to Motivating students to learn

  1. This is some great advice for making things interesting for the younger generation. I would also suggest for serious teachers to take a look at the current research for motivating Generation Y. Some example are: setting short term goals, giving meaningful verbal or non-verbal rewards along the way, relating material to things their students are really interested in..etc. Keep up the good work! ~Garrison

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