Motivational Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Motivational Olympic Games


I think it is impossible to watch the Olympic Games and not feel motivated. I always feel stirred by watching the events. It’s very different from watching a professional baseball, football or basketball game. I find it difficult to relate to a professional multimillionaire sports star. I find it much easier to relate to an amateur althelte competing on behalf of their country.

I watch professional sports for entertainment. I watch the Olympic Games for motivation – for hope.

There are enough different events that something will resonate with you. I enjoy the fluidity of gymnastics, the mano a mano of boxing, and the splash of swimming. ( I was a high school water polo player.)

The best athletes in the world are competing. They worked their butts off to qualify. They are bursting with pride to represent their country. Only one gets the gold in each event yet all who compete are winners. (That’s am important motivational lesson in itself.)

The Olympic Games takes place once every four years. If you want motivation – watch the Olympic Games – not all of it – that would simply make you a couch potato. Instead focus on the sports that interest you. Observe the efforts, skills and sportmanship of the contestants. Admire the best that you see in people. Ignore the scandals, politics and misunderstandings.

Consider the motivation required by each Olympic Athelete. Then re-examine the motivational challenges in your life to get you to the next step.

Remember – “Swifter, higher, stronger”

Go for the Gold.

George Torok

Motivational Business Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker


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