Motivation:It’s Cold outside

October 30, 2008

Motivation: It’s Cold outside

It was time for me to get up and go for a run. But it was cold in the room and warm in the bed.

I wasn’t motivated to get up because I was comfortable and getting up would disturb that comfort. So I laid in bed a bit longer. Enventually I got up and went for my run. The transition from warm comfortable bed to cold room and then even colder outside was still uncomfortable.

Once I was moving – it was easier to keep moving. I needed the motivation to move – to make the first moves. That was the hard part. We only need motivation to do things that are uncomfortable. Then we are surprized at how easy it is to keep moving.

I needed motivation to escape the warm bed and open the front door to the cold outside. Once I started those first steps little motivation was needed to keep me running.

We need motivation to change to make those transitions from comfortable to uncomfortable. The transition might only last seconds or minutes.

George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker


Doing motivates

October 14, 2008

Doing things motivates

Resting does not motivate. Yes we all need to rest regularily. But rest does not motivate – it simply heals and calms.

I enjoy cooking so naturally cooking motivates me. It gets me excited and makes me feel useful. Eating a well prepared meal pleases me but preparing the meal excites and motivates me.

What excites you? Are you doing it often enough?

George Torok

Motivational Business Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker

What doesn’t motivate you?

October 1, 2008

What doesn’t motivate you?

If you want to feel more motivated stop doing the things that don’t motivate you.

Sounds simple but will you do it?

Make of list of the things that you do that do not feel motivational to you.

My guess is that watching TV is high on that list.

If you want to feel more motivated – do less of those things that don’t motivate you.