Motivate your job search

November 26, 2008

Motivate your job search: HAPPEN

HAPPEN is a non profit organization that helps job seekers find and land their next job.

I delivered a motivational and instructional presentation to HAPPEN group today. I speak to HAPPEN once or twice a year and I have been doing this for close to a decade. Why?

I consider this as part of my community service. I don’t get paid for this annual gig but I’m happy to do it. I am told and I believe that my practical and motivational message helps them.

I suffered the pain of job loss and frustration of job search early in my career in the downturn of the early eighties. That pain and frustration is a big part of my success today. I want to ease their pain – or at least tell them that the pain can be endured. As a marathon runner, I know about enduring both physical and mental pain.

Every person’s pain is individual. No one can claim to understand “your” pain. However they might have felt something similar.

As I spoke today, two very different people caught my attention – one a recent college male graduate and the other a well dressed 40-something woman.

Both took no notes. Both failed to engage with me when I looked directly at them. One conveyed a “I don’t need this crap” body posture and the other glared, ” leave me alone”.

I felt sad for both of them. They had an opportunity to learn and to be inspired – but they refused to partake. Perhaps they had not yet matured in their grieving process to be ready to grow. Perhaps they were still wallowing in “Why me?” I don’t know their pain. I only offered a way forward. It was up to them to accept or decline.

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

What about failure?

November 21, 2008

What about failure?

While speaking to a high school business class this week I was surprised by this question, “If you work all your life on something and still fail – was it worth it?”

I responded quickly to this question, “Yes.”

I did not clairify my answer at that time. I have since thought about the question and my answer.

I believe that if a person works on a direction all their life that they will be successful. They might not achieve 100% success. But they will be successful in moving towards that goal. For example, a person might work to cure cancer and never reach that during their lifetime. Was their life a success? Yes. Because of the movement they would have made in that direction. Some goals take more than one lifetime to achieve. And the success would never happen without someone dedicating their life to moving things forward.

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Deadlines motivate

November 9, 2008

Deadlines Motivate

Have you noticed how motivated you can be when you have a deadline?

Why is that?. A deadline indicates a recognized shortage of time. A stated shortage of time reminds us that we only have a limited amount of time. If you tell someone, “Take all the time that you want.” They won’t be highly motivated to tackle the obstacle. If you have forever to do something – why do it now?

My neighbour is dieing from cancer. He seems to be fading quickly. Considering how active and spry he had been it is upsetting to witness how frail he now looks.

He has a deadline – as do those around him. The end date is not known for sure but it is clearly measured in months and not year. It’s interesting to note the many visitors that have stopped by in the past couple months. It good to see them visit. I guess they only needed to be motivated.

What would you do if you thought that you were running out of time?

George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Motivational Business Speaker