What about failure?

What about failure?

While speaking to a high school business class this week I was surprised by this question, “If you work all your life on something and still fail – was it worth it?”

I responded quickly to this question, “Yes.”

I did not clairify my answer at that time. I have since thought about the question and my answer.

I believe that if a person works on a direction all their life that they will be successful. They might not achieve 100% success. But they will be successful in moving towards that goal. For example, a person might work to cure cancer and never reach that during their lifetime. Was their life a success? Yes. Because of the movement they would have made in that direction. Some goals take more than one lifetime to achieve. And the success would never happen without someone dedicating their life to moving things forward.

George Torok

Motivational Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker


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