Motivate your job search

Motivate your job search: HAPPEN

HAPPEN is a non profit organization that helps job seekers find and land their next job.

I delivered a motivational and instructional presentation to HAPPEN group today. I speak to HAPPEN once or twice a year and I have been doing this for close to a decade. Why?

I consider this as part of my community service. I don’t get paid for this annual gig but I’m happy to do it. I am told and I believe that my practical and motivational message helps them.

I suffered the pain of job loss and frustration of job search early in my career in the downturn of the early eighties. That pain and frustration is a big part of my success today. I want to ease their pain – or at least tell them that the pain can be endured. As a marathon runner, I know about enduring both physical and mental pain.

Every person’s pain is individual. No one can claim to understand “your” pain. However they might have felt something similar.

As I spoke today, two very different people caught my attention – one a recent college male graduate and the other a well dressed 40-something woman.

Both took no notes. Both failed to engage with me when I looked directly at them. One conveyed a “I don’t need this crap” body posture and the other glared, ” leave me alone”.

I felt sad for both of them. They had an opportunity to learn and to be inspired – but they refused to partake. Perhaps they had not yet matured in their grieving process to be ready to grow. Perhaps they were still wallowing in “Why me?” I don’t know their pain. I only offered a way forward. It was up to them to accept or decline.

George Torok

Motivational Speaker


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  1. walkin jobs says:

    their is a problem in the first place.

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