New Year’s Motivation

New Years Motivation



Why does the New Year motivate people?


You ask for evidence?


Exhibit A

Look at all the crazy folks that pay exorbitant prices to party at a bar, restaurant or hotel – often with strangers. Those fees are at least two to three times the regular rate.


Exhibit B

New York is not normally considered a “friendly” city. Just take a cab ride. Yet on New Year’s Eve look at the thousands of people packed into Times Square to celebrate. This year it was very cold – close to freezing- yet the crowds were still there in high spirits.


Exhibit C

On the topic of cold outside – pick any city in Canada – where the temperature was below freezing. People still waited outside for the stroke of midnight in Niagara Falls and Toronto. I can’t imagine how cold it was in Ottawa, Regina and Edmonton. Brrrr.


Exhibit D

Polar Bear Swim. Some of these same folks who live in freezing climates go for a swim in the local body of water. Is that nuts?



My question is “What motivates these people to do these crazy things?”


What is it about New Year’s that makes people feel motivated to the do the unusual or illogical?


George Torok

Motivational Business Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker



One Response to New Year’s Motivation

  1. Deb Lamb says:

    Hi George,
    Very interesting blog! I have not thought about it the way you described it, however, it is SO true! That is a question I will be asking others for sure. I typically don’t make New Years resolutions, due to the simple fact that this is something you should do for yourself all year long!

    Thanks, I enjoyed it!

    Deb Lamb
    Your Everything Services

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