Validate someone today

March 23, 2009

Watch this 15 minute video to learn the forgotten lesson on how to motivate others. I gurantee this video will make you smile. Watch it and put a smile on someone else’s face. Validate them.


George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker


Lucky You

March 15, 2009

Luck is more a matter of perspective than it is the roll of the dice.


If luck is a matter of random chance then mathematically every one of us is equally lucky. Whether you think you are lucky or not is irrelevant. The real question is how lucky do you feel. Because, how you feel, will determine your actions and outcome.


Consider the passengers of the plane that crash landed in the Hudson River – were they lucky? You can imagine that there were moments during that scary nightmare that they cursed their luck. Yet upon the perspective of reflection they considered themselves extremely lucky.  If you are afraid of flying you might consider yourself lucky for not being on that plane.


We are all lucky. It just depends on how we see it.


George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Motivational Business Speaker


Motivation is like oxygen

March 2, 2009

Motivation is like food, water and oxygen.

We need it every day.

We consume it.

It powers us.

Like oxygen we don’t give it much thought because we assume that it will always be there.

We notice it mainly when it appears to be in short supply.

Depending on our state it can appear as a cheap commodity or a priceless treasure.

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about it or analysing it.


George Torok

Motivational Business Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker