Don’t be bound by hasty promises

Have you ever made a promise that you wish you hadn’t?

My guess is that you probably have. You don’t need to fret over those hasty promises. Think about all the people whose marriages didn’t work out. Yet they all promised at the time of marraige to love each other forever – till death do us part.

That was a well meaning but dumb promise. We make those kind of promises when we are emotional or pressured.

And then we worry about breaking “our promise” even when everything else tells us that it was dumb.

Breaking your promise can be a good thing. Why? Because we often make promises under pressure or with little information. So when conditions or informaiton changes – we should re-evaluate our promises and break them if that is the right thing to do.

Doing the right thing is more important than keeping a dumb promise.

George Torok


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