Tag – you’re motivated

Tag – you’re it

Motivation is chasing you. Remember the old game of tag that you might have played as a child. One child was designated as “it” and the role of “it” was to chase and touch one of the other children. Once that child was tagged he became the new “it”.

Passing the role of “it” seemed to share the motivation of chasing. Motivation is very much like the game of chasing. Who was more motivated – the chaser or the chased? I think that the role of chasing was more motivating because that person always seemed to tag someone. The ones running away only had the motivation of escaping while “it” had the motivation of the chase.

When you want to motivate your team – play the role of “it”.

Tag – you’re it. You’re motivated.

George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Motivational Business Speaker


2 Responses to Tag – you’re motivated

  1. Thank you for another great presentation. I’ve heard you speak many times and you just keep getting better.

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