Try is a lie

Trying is often an excuse for failing. How many times have you heard a reluctant person say “We will try” or “At least we tried”.

They usually hang their head in doubt or shame.

You might know the line from Yoda in Star Wars, “Do or do not – there is no try.”

You might enjoy this anecdote from my friend.
At our tai chi class, I heard our instructor use a little verbal
trick that you might be able to use.

Instructor: I want you to hold your hands like this.
Student: I’ll try.
Instructor: No, don’t try.
Student: I shouldn’t try?
Instructor: You should not try. “Try” means “lie.” Don’t try to do it.
Simply do it.

Wisdom from Yoda and Tai Chi instructors.

George Torok
Motivational Business Speaker

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2 Responses to Try is a lie

  1. Ruby Clifton says:

    Its true that if you say that you’ll try, you’re not confident of your abilities. It is just a lame excuse for the lazy incompetent fools who are afraid of their failures. Always say “I Will”, and you’ll never fail!

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