What is the Secret of Success?

What is the secret for success?

That is a a question that I have asked often. Of myself, of the hundreds of guests that I have interviewed on my weekly radio show, Business in Motion and of the universe.

This is what I have learned about the secret to success.

Success comes from doing little things, consistently well, over time.

There are three important parts to that formula:

Little Things
It’s the little things that make or break you. It’s not about the lucky break or the big idea.

Consistently Well
You don’t need to be perfect or give 100%. And let’s be realistic, 110% is mathematically imposssible. You only need to be consistently well – as compared to the competition.

Over Time
This is likely the part that defeats most people. It’s not about having a good day. It’s about doing it every day for a long time. How long? Until you get where you want to be. Many overnight successes took many years.

Want to be successful?

Do little things, consistently well, over time.

George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Motivational Business Speaker


4 Responses to What is the Secret of Success?

  1. Ruby Clifton says:

    In my opinion, the secret of success lies in perseverance with dedication. Never be disheartened by your failures. Instead take lessons from them. Consider each day to be a new beginning.

  2. George, I would also add…FOCUS.

    If you can focus on 1 thing, 1 task, do it well and consistently every day over a long period of time…how the heck could you fail?

    Wouldn’t you agree?

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