Don’t Accept The Posion

Would you willingly ingest poison? Probably not.

Yet maybe we drink poison more often than we think we do.

I was hunting for a spot in the parking lot. Suddenly a car appeared from a lane to make a left turn across my path. The driver was looking the other way. I braked and gently tapped my horn to warn her. She stopped and looked at me in surprise. Even though I had the right of way I couldn’t proceed because her car was blocking my path so I waved her through. I shook my head in displeasure.

To my surprise and annoyance she stuck her left arm out of her car and gave me the finger as she completed her turn.

I felt angry and abused.

However, I was about to meet with a prospective client so I deleted the poison of this incident from my mind.

There was no win in holding on to this poison.

George Torok


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