Superman a Bad Role Model

Don’t try to model yourself after Superman. He is super – and you are not. Superman was born powerful – and you were not. Superman is near perfect and you are probably not. Superman has only one weakness – one issue – Kryptonite. How many issues do you have?

Don’t try to be like Superman. It is an easy trap to fall into. It is a no win situation. You would never measure up. All he had to do was to arrive on earth as a baby through no effort on his own and instantly he was super.

Batman – a Better Role Model

Batman is a better role model. Why? Because, he is more realistic. Batman is human with human weaknesses, fears and faults. He has suffered the range of physical and emotional pains. At one point his back was broken by a powerful foe – and still he struggled to fight his way back as the protector of Gotham City.

Batman has no innate super powers. He is what he is because of his knowledge, dedication and training. Batman developed his skills.

Both Superman and Batman are comic book heroes. However we can learn from them.

Our real life heroes are more like Batman than like Superman. Real heroes are the underdogs. Regardless of their circumstance they overcome obstacles through learning, persistence and creativity.

Success comes not from divine birth. It comes from vision, effort and skill development. Be prepared to deal with the odd joker who challenges your mission.

George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Canadian Business Speaker


2 Responses to Superman a Bad Role Model

  1. it true. i am working with marketing field.from daily rutine i learn same devlope your weekness as your strength.superaordanery taregts is nothing set sort target human behavier likeand win situatuon.


  2. Guy Gardner says:

    I wish i knew as little about Superman as you seem to. It would make reading garbage like this far less annoying.

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