Confidence: Did you see it?

Confidence is the currency of success. Like money – the more you have the more you get. Unlike money, you can’t borrow, trade or steal it.

Confidence is at the DNA level of every successful person. Yet, they can’t explain, share or give it away.

Confidence is a powerful asset. But it can’t be measured, catalogued or repossessed. It’s intangible.

Confidence is in the mind of the individual. No one else knows your confidence nor can they take it away from you.

Confidence is not perpetual. We often doubt ourselves. Our confidence can jump up and down throughout our day. That’s normal.

Confidence is internal. We can’t control that. Others judge us on the external. We can control that.

Confidence can’t be seen yet we know when we see a person with confidence.

Success is less about luck and more about confidence because that drives persistence.

George Torok

Motivational Business Speaker


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