Set Attainable Goals

Nothing wrong with dreaming big. But allow yourself some wins first, even if they are small wins.

If you want to run a marathon, first you need to get a pair of running shoes, get out the door and run around the block.

Dream big and set a series of attainable goals that move you forward.

George Torok


2 Responses to Set Attainable Goals

  1. shweta says:

    Good collection of short blogs..

  2. Whenever I think of setting attainable goals or breaking a large goal down into smaller ones it always reminds me of Joe Simpson’s story where he was stuck up a mountain in sub below temperatures with a broken leg and 6 miles to get back to the base camp – instead of thinking of his large impossible trek home he broke it down into little chunks and managed to survive – he is now a motivational speaker – you can read about him here if you are interested:

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