Come Back Off the Ledge

March 20, 2011

Perhaps you’ve seen the TV shows or movies where a police negotiator convinces a frantic person to “come back off the ledge” of a skyscraper. “Take my hand. Don’t jump. You have so much to live for.”

Now imagine that you are that negotiator striving to bring a depressed person back off the ledge.

What would you say to the person who justifies their planned suicide with:

“I can’t find a job. Nobody wants to hire me.”

“My wife left me. I thought we would be in love forever.”

‘I hate my parents. They don’t understand me.”

“I ran out of money. I can’t pay the bank.”

“Cancer. Why me? Why suffer any longer?”

“The love of my life died. I’m alone without him.”

“I’m a loser and nobody cares.”

“Everyone is against me.”

You have the opportunity to save this person and bring them back off the ledge. Say the wrong thing and watch them dive to their death.

What would you say?

I suggest that you think about these scenarios and plan your plea. Why? Because you might save a friend some day and you might save yourself.

Add your own “ledge crisis” to this list and search for the answer because maybe the jumper you need to reach is yourself.

Be ready to motivate yourself with the “come back off the ledge” speech.

George Torok

Canadian Motivational Speaker

Business Speaker

Perspective: Times Change

March 4, 2011

If you want to understand people – understand their perspective. One of those perspectives is time.

I remember when:

Everyone had a black dial telephone – and party lines

Sunday night TV was Walt Disney and The Ed Sullivan Show

We got our first colour TV

Listening to records on the new Hi Fi – 45s, 78s and LPs

We bought milk in glass jugs from the corner store – I broke one

Getting the strap at school – more times that I care to admit

Wondering where in the world Vietnam was – and why was it on TV every night?

Listening to air raid sirens and wondering if this was the end of the world

If you want to understand me and people like me then you might need to appreciate some of those things.