Who are you?

How many times have you heard that question?

How did you respond? Did you state your name? Did you say that you are with the bride’s side of the family? Did you state that you knew the deceased in high school? Did you mumble that you are the child, spouse, parent, or cousin of some one else?

Did you respond with your title? President, manager, or janitor?

Did you respond with a description of your work? Are you a business owner, company executive, accountant, sales rep, mechanic, truck driver, factory worker, nurse, lawyer, clerk, cook, reporter, editor, real estate agent,

Who are you really?

How many times have you asked yourself that question?

Are you an individual or are you only defined in relationship to someone or something else?

We are Borg. That’s one way to answer. Perhaps it’s not about you, It’s about your community.

None of us are one thing. We are individuals living in a complex world. We have many sets of relationships.

Are we defined by relationships?

Are we defined by tribes?

Are we defined by roles?

Are we defined by current, past or future work?

Are we defined by our dreams and hopes?

Are we defined by our pain, mistakes and failures?

Are we defined by our beliefs, opinions and dreams?

Are we defined by our hopes, dreams and goals?

Are we defined by our joys?

Or are you Borg?


One Response to Who are you?

  1. Geby says:

    Great post. Sometimes, it’s really hard to know what to answer that question. But for me, I am a person who loves to help others whole heartedly.

    Thanks for the post!


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