Fear Should not be ignored

Fear is our most primal and powerful emotion. It is the emotion that is most responsible for our survival. For example, the fear of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) kept the human race from destroying itself during the cold war between theUSAand theSoviet Union. Neither nation wanted to launch ICBMs against the other because of the fear of retaliation.


I’ve heard people, (usually young people) boost “Nothing scares me.”


That can sound like a proud boost. But it’s never true. Perhaps people say that because they don’t want others to know about their fears. That deception might help the individual reach a short term goal.


The truth is that we all have fears – and we have them for good reason. Acknowledge and recognize your fears. It’s part of you.


If that fear is stopping you from doing something that you want to do – then learn how to manage or mitigate that fear.


But always respect your fears. That makes you real.


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