Be Clear on Your Purpose

Why are you doing this? Ask that question of yourself before you invest your time, money or effort. Clarify the purpose of each meeting, program or decision before you commit.

Why are you making this phone call? Why are you attending this networking event? Why are you investing in this marketing idea? Why are you spending time on this administrivia?

Before every meeting, clarify the purpose and time limit. Your meeting will be more productive and people will be more willing to meet with you. For example, I almost never return a phone call in response to a message that states, “Call me”.  My first thought is, “Why?” What would be the purpose of my return call?

Many rules and policies have lost their purpose.

If you find that people are answering your question about purpose with “We’ve always done it this way”, then you know that they are overdue to seriously address this question.


This is part of the Top 10 Tips to Make 2012 a More Productive and Profitable Year as originally broadcast on the radio show Business in Motion on 93.3 CFMU by your host, George Torok. To listen to the 30 minute radio show, visit the Business in Motion podcasts.


One Response to Be Clear on Your Purpose

  1. Chenzo says:

    So true – many just do not stay focus on what the purpose was for the beginning!

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