Ask a Retired Person How They Keep Busy

February 9, 2013



Retired person might motivate you


Gary, one of my neighbours is 71 years old.  He made a point of telling me that. He looks good for his age and I guess that he is proud of that.

What impressed me more was his activity.

Gary started working one day a week at the small company where his wife works. He was hired to prepare small value quotations in response to prospective queries. The boss restricted him to $2,000 jobs yet Gary managed to help the company win a $75,000 deal.

Gary decided that the business needed a website so he convinced the boss to let him build one. Gary wasn’t a web designer but he had worked in the printing business so he understood design and promotion. Now the company has a 50 page website – thanks to this old guy. How ironic.

Gary spent much of the past summer sailing remote control boats. These aren’t motorized. These are miniature sail boats controlled by remote control. He’s been building models since he was seven. And yes he is a life-size boat sailer as well. I was amused to learn that this old guy arranges sailing meets with his retired friends via email and online forums.

He told me that he wants to do some more skating because he used to play a lot of ice hockey as a child.

Archery is another of Gary’s pastimes. He has several bows. He prefers to shoot the old-fashioned way – “without all the technology of the compound bows that don’t allow you to miss”.

So how did I originally meet Gary? He is a motorcycle rider, like me. We first connected while looking down the street and noticing that “Hey you ride a motorcycle too?” We started by comparing stories about motorcycle routes. And yes – he still rides his bike. (Me too.)

71 years old and active!

Gee, I hope I will still be so active.

That was an inspirational conversation. I was cold while standing outside to chat. We were both outside to shovel show.  I attacked the rest of my snow shovelling chore with more vigour.