Boogie Woogie – music video

April 3, 2013

Twist and Shout – The Beatles – video

March 24, 2013

These Boots are Made for Walking – music video

March 16, 2013

Curious How Life Repeats

February 27, 2013

At the age of 22 I declared that I only wanted to do two things with my life.  I wanted to ski all winter and ride a motorycle all summer.

Instead – marriage, family, career and business took over my life. About 30 years after that initial declaration I finally got back to those two pursuits. Now either of those activities are the best part of my week

It might have taken me a lot longer than I expected – but I’m doing what I love to do.

I don’t have enough time to…

February 22, 2013

Time Passes on Motivational Speaker blogMost of us have probably said that more than once. Sometimes it’s used as a polite way to avoid doing something we don’t want to do – like meeting someone or visiting a relative.

 But sometimes we use that phrase as an excuse for not accomplishing our goals.

 The questions you might ask yourself are:

 Do you want to have time to…?

 How much time would you need to start…?

 What could you do less of or stop doing to free up time to…?

 Change your perspective to recognizing that you have enough time. You’re just using that time for something else right now.

Time passes at the same speed no matter what you do. The choice is up to you. What do you want to have done once time has passed?

Motivation to Start Moving or Keep Moving

February 14, 2013

Motivation is about motion.

We need motivation to start moving. That might be a change we need to make. that might be a good idea that we need to stop dreaming about and act upon. We need to start moving.


Push that stone up the hill

We need motivation part way through to keep moving because we might get discouraged. Part way up the hill we start to feel pain or doubts. That’s normal. But if it was a good idea – we need to keep moving.

Your motivation always comes from within you.  Sometimes it might be triggered or fueled by outside factors. But it’s what’s inside you that channels that energy.

If you want to be motivated – motivate yourself and be more willing to be motivated.

By the way, have you noticed that we don’t need to be motivated to stop moving. That seems to come too easy.

Move or don’t move – it’s up to you.

Imagine that the date is December 31, 2013

December 30, 2012

You are reflecting on the events of the past year. Assuming that the year went perfectly, finish these sentences.


You did…

You got…

You received…

You helped…

You won…


You achieved…

You created…

You built…

You enjoyed…

You completed…


You resolved…

You fixed…

You cleaned up…

You started…

You organized…



Spend some time thinking about each of those sentences. You might have more than one ending for each.


After you’ve done that answer the following question for each outcome:


What did you do to make that happen?